Life in and Beyond the Solar System

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May 4, 2000


Life in and Beyond the Solar System Preview

Basic Ingredient of Life

How Organic Molecules May Have Formed on Earth
Updated Miller-Urey Experiment

Could Organic Molecules be Unique to Earth?

Review: where else may there have been life in the solar system?

Is Evolution from Organic Compounds to Life Inevitable?

Estimating the number of just Right places in the Galaxy
N = Rs fp ne fl fi fc L
Variable Book Value Alternate value
Rs 1 1/year 1 1/year
fp 1 1
ne 0.1 1 x 10-4
fl 1 0.1
fi 1 0.1
fc 1 0.1
L 100 years 10,000 years
N 10 0.001

What are we doing to look for life elsewhere? Best image of Mars in 1926

Best image of Pluto in the 1990s

Spectrum of simulated planet


Social, Political, and Religious Ramifications

Life in and Beyond the Solar System Summary