Wisconsin REU in Astrophysics
Summer 2002


Wisconsin's REU students (Summer 2002) visiting the Synchrotron Radiation Center in Stoughton, WI. From left to right, are Chris Moore (Synchrotron Radiation Center), Larry Isenhower (Abilene Christian University), Bob Benjamin (program director), Ben Ziemer (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Travis Laurance (Middle Tennessee State University), Kurt Soto (Ventura College/University of California-Berkeley), Genevieve de Messieres (Swarthmore College), Patricia Mutunga (Bethune-Cookman College), Fana Mulu (Alabama A&M University), and Karen Bland (James Madison University). Missing is Ben Willett (University of Wisconsin-Madison).

2002 REU Schedule

Student Research Webpage Final Talk (title)
Karen Bland Angular Distribution of Downgoing Muons in the Amanda Detector
Genevieve de Messieres A Model of High Velocity Clouds in the Milky Way Galaxy
Larry Isenhower Construction of a Focal Plane Array for CMB Imaging
Travis Laurance Multi-Fiber Optical Spectroscopy of Stars Towards W51
Fana Mariam Mulu Cluster Abell 2192: Morphological Descriptions and Luminosity Profiles of Its Galaxies
Amanda Heffner-Wong Cosmic Ray Composition using AMANDA and SPASE
Patricia Mutunga Identifying and Classifying the Galaxies of Abell 2192
Kurt Soto Rotation Rates and Eclipsing Binaries with Pre-Main Sequence Stars
Ben Willett Starburst and Dwarf Irregular Galaxies: Temporal Evolution of Star Forming Regions
Benjamin Ziemer Neutrino Oscillations in the Sun

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