Wisconsin REU in Astrophysics
Summer 2007


Wisconsin's 2007 REU students. Pictured from left to right are [back row]: Nicole Fields (University of Virginia), Blakesley Burkhart (University of Louisville), Natalie Gosnell (The Colorado College), Danielle Nielsen (Colby College), Lamarr Parsons (Cornell University), [Front Row]: Matthew Richardson (Fisk University), Yvonne Kemper (UC Berkeley), Crystal Keddie-Hill (Agnes Scott College), Agnieszka Czeszumska (UC Berkeley), Jeremy Gordon (University of Georgia), and Eric Lopez (UC Berkeley); 2007 Program Director: Edwin Mierkiewicz

2007 REU Schedule

Student Research Webpage Final Talk (title)
Blakesley Burkhart Magnetohydrodynamical Turbulence of the Interstellar Medium
Agnieszka Czeszumska Instrumentation in X-Ray Astrophysics
Nicole Fields A Multiwavelength Blazar Campaign
Jeremy Gordon Topology of Neutral Hydrogen within the Small Magellanic Cloud
Natalie Gosnell How Did That Happen? Investigating Dynamical Formulation Scenarios for an Interesting Binary in NGC 6819
Crystal Keddie-Hill NGC 3631: A Multiwavelength Investigation
Yvonne Kemper Supersoft X-ray Sources in M31
Eric Lopez Simulating Interferometers for the CMB Sky
Danielle Nielsen Same Clusters, New Perspectives: Redefining Cluster Parameters & Identifying New Binaries
Lamarr Parsons A Mid-Infrared Search for Galaxies in the Zone of Avoidance
Matthew Richardson High Resolution Analysis of HI Content in Spiral Galaxy NGC 3184

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