Wisconsin REU in Astrophysics
Summer 2008


Here are Wisconsin's 2008 REU students (click a name to view their summer research project). Pictured from left to right [Back row]: Maxwell Radin , Frank McNally , Earle Wilson , Brody Fuchs , James Haynes , Matthew Bailey , Zubair Abdulla , 2008 Program Director: Edwin Mierkiewicz [Front Row]: Hsin-Yu Chen , Abby Bessemer , Clay Miller , Justin Adkins , Julie Leifeld , and Kristin Rosenau

2008 REU Schedule

Student Research Webpage Final Talk (title)
Julie Leifeld A Study of Diffuse Hot Gas in NGC 3351 and NGC 4736
Clay Miller Statistics of MHD Turbulence
Justin Adkins Observational Modeling of Stellar Populations
Brody Fuchs Construction and Testing of a WHAM Interference Filter Profiling Instrument
Zubair Abdulla Thermally Isolated Variable Temperature Load for Noise Measurements of Cryogenically Cooled
Instruments (Simulated Blackbody Source)
Abby Bessemer Characterization of Chandra's On-board Fe-55 Calibration Source
Kristin Rosenau First All-Sky Measurement of Muon Flux with IceCube
Matthew Bailey Simulating Blue Straggler Star Production without Cluster Dynamics - A Binary Evolution Approach
Hsin-Yu Chen Simulated Observation of the CMB with a Novel Interferometer
James Haynes Neutral Hydrogen Around the Megallanic Spiral Galaxy IC 1558
Frank McNally Snow, Ice, and Cherenkov Light: Simulating Cosmic Ray Interactions with IceTop
Maxwell Radin Diffractive Wavefront Control using a Digital Micro-mirror Device
Earle Wilson Diffractive Wavefront Control using a Digital Micro-mirror Device

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