Wisconsin REU in Astrophysics
Summer 2011


Here are Wisconsin's 2011 REU students: Roberto Rodriguez Torres (University of Puerto Rico-Humacao), Mallory Molina (Ohio State University), Jeramy Lewis (University of Colorado at Boulder), Nick Stantzos (Northern Arizona University), Jon Beker (Carleton College), Aurora Kesseli (Colby College), Martin Gostisha (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater), Meryl Sell (UW-Madison), Allie Fittante (Northern Michigan University), Ryan Sanders (University of Louisville), Kerry Clavadetscher (Yale University), Drake Ranqiust (Brigham Young University); 2011 Program Director: Edwin Mierkiewicz

2011 REU Schedule

Student Research Webpage Final Talk (title)
Roberto Rodriguez Torres Spectral Response of the [OII] Spatial Heterodyne Spectrometer
Mallory Molina Characterization of H-beta and OIII for Determining Black Hole Masses of Quasars
Jeramy Lewis Cylindrical Radio Telescope and Dark Energy Detection
Nick Stantzos Characterizing Arecibo and GBT observations of the Outer Scutum-Centaurus Spiral Arm
Jon Beker Spectral Analysis of an Unusual Binary in NGC7789
Aurora Kesseli Multi-wavelength Variability in Young Stellar Objects
Martin Gostisha Tracing the Full Extent of the Perseus Spiral Arm with WHAM
Meryl Sell Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies: Properties and Relations to their Environment
Allie Fittante The Application of Experimental Methods to Determine Atomic Transition Probabilities
Ryan Sanders The star formation history of a post-starburst interacting galaxy from SDSS
Kerry Clavadetscher OVII and OVIII emission from the soft diffuse X-ray background
Drake Ranqiust Thermal and Dynamical Properties of CIV Absorbers (1.5 < z < 3.5)

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