Wisconsin REU in Astrophysics
Summer 2012


Here are Wisconsin's 2012 REU students: Zach Griffith (University of Northern Iowa), Adriana Guzman (Northwestern University), Aurora Kesseli
(Colby College), Steffi Klawiter (Univ of Wisconsin-Madison), Erin Middlemas (East Tennessee State University), Jesse Miller (Washington State University),
Emily Moravec (St Olaf College), Robert Pirtle (Lewis And Clark College), Joseph Putko (Middlebury College), Emy Rivera (University of Puerto Rico), Jordan Russell (Hendrix College), Natania Wolansky (Harvard University), Alex Fernandes (Univ of Wisconsin-Whitewater); 2012 Program Director: Edwin Mierkiewicz

2012 REU Schedule

Student Research Webpage Final Talk (title)
Zach Griffith A Study of Merger Induced Galaxy Evolution (Part 1)
Adriana Guzman Determining Einstein A Coefficients for Element Abundances in Metal-Poor Stars
Aurora Kesseli Modeling Multi-wavelength variability in Young Stellar Objects
Steffi Klawiter Stellar Kinematics in Magellanic Spirals
Erin Middlemas Neutrino Production Rates within Infrared Dark Clouds
Jesse Miller Searching for Cold Atomic Hydrogen in the Perseus Molecular Cloud
Emily Moravec A Study of Merger Induced Galaxy Evolution (Part 2)
Robert Pirtle The Diffuse Soft X-ray Background: Limiting the Temperature of the Local Bubble
Joseph Putko Topology in Synthetic Column Density Maps for Interstellar Turbulence
Emy Rivera Statistical Studies of Magnetohydrodynamic turbulence in two phase simulations
Jordan Russell Simulating HAWC's Point Source Response
Natania Wolansky Thermal and Dynamical Properties of CIV Absorbers (1.5 < z < 3.5)
Alex Fernandes Constraints on the Orbit of High Velocity Cloud Complex A

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