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International Program Committee

A. Barone Università di Napoli "Federico II", Italy
N. Booth University of Oxford, United Kingdom
B. Cabrera Stanford University, USA
G. Chardin CEN-Saclay, France
S. Cooper University of Oxford, United Kingdom
S. Esipov University of Illinois, USA
F. von Feilitzsch TU München, Germany
E. Fiorini University of Milano, Italy
M. Katagiri JAERI, Japan
P. de Korte SRON-Utrecht, The Netherlands
S. Labov Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA
J. Martinis National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA
D. McCammon University of Wisconsin, USA
M. Minowa University of Tokyo, Japan
T. Niinikoski CERN, Switzerland
T. Peacock ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands
D. Perret-Gallix LAPP-IN2P3-CNRS, France
K. Pretzl University of Bern, Switzerland
F. Pröbst Max Planck Institut für Physik, Germany
B. Sadoulet University of California-Berkeley, USA
G. Seidel Brown University, USA
W. Seidel Max Planck Institut für Physik, Germany
C. K. Stahle NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA
V. Trofimov Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Russia
B. Turrell University of British Columbia, Canada
G. Waysand Université de Paris VI and VII, France
B. Young Santa Clara University, USA

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