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Photo gallery

Attendees from ISAS
Kazuhisa Mitsuda, Toshiyuki Miyazaki, and Yoshitaka Ishisaki (ISAS) are happy to have escaped the Chicago thunderstorms. In the background is Kent Irwin (NIST).

Bill Duncan on the terrace
William Duncan (ROE) and Paul Brink (Stanford) enjoy a morning coffee on the terrace.

Dan McCammon pleads his case
Dan McCammon tries to get more coffee for the morning break from the conference staff.

Wilt is the Bus Mom
Wilt Sanders (Wisconsin) keeps us in line on the bus to Taliesin.

Dinner before Shakespeare
Dinner at the American Players Theatre before All's Well That End's Well.

Bug spray before Shakespeare
Christian Enss (Heidelberg) displays the free bug spray at APT. Carl Stahle (GSFC) has two bottles; one for himself and one for the playbill.

Thursday evening on the terrace
Kazuhisa Mitsuda (ISAS), Tae Furusho (GSFC), and Ryuichi Fujimoto (ISAS) enjoy a beautiful Thursday evening on the veranda.

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