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Final Manuscript submission instructions

for LTD9

Overview: These are the instructions for submitting the final copy of your manuscript after addressing the referees comments. If your paper has been accepted "as-is" by the referees you don't need to do anything additional. We will use the version you turned in at the conference. You may not make changes outside the scope of the referees comments without explicit permission of the editors. You may address questions regarding the proceedings to the organizers by sending email to: ltd-9@wisp.physics.wisc.edu . All submissions must have been refereed during the conference and have addressed the referees comments.

DUE DATE: Your final submission must be received by midnight on August 24, 2001.

Publication date and delivery address: The proceedings will be published and mailed to participants on Feb. 1, 2002 to the address given during the conference registration.

  1. Reprint order: You may order reprints from AIP using the attached reprint form . The reprint form is due along with the final copy of the manuscript. It may also be faxed to Scott Porter at 301-286-1684.
  2. Color page order: You may have some or all of the pages of your manuscript printed in color by filling out the attached color page order form . You must pay AIP directly for this service. The color page form is due along with the final copy of the manuscript. It may also be faxed to Scott Porter at 301-286-1684.
Submission Instructions: You may submit the final copy of your paper electronically and this is the preferred method. If necessary you can submit your paper in hardcopy form by mailing TWO camera ready copies to:

F. Scott Porter
Code 662 NASA/GSFC
Building 2, Room S210
Greenbelt, MD 20771

Note that all submissions must follow the AIP manuscript preparation instructions exactly. The instructions can be found on the LTD9 web page at: wisp.physics.wisc.edu/ltd-9/instructions.html .

Electronic submission instructions: These instructions are identical to the initial submission instructions on the LTD9 web site at wisp.physics.wisc.edu/ltd-9/ftp_instructions.html. To submit your final copy via FTP:
  1. Name your manuscript file using the following convention: last name of first author -dot- the original abstract number as a three-digit number (with leading zeroes if necessary) -dot- one of: doc (for Word format) or tex (for Latex). ALL LOWER CASE CHARACTERS. Examples:
    • supanich.021.tex (for LaTeX)
    • porter.287.doc (for Word)
    If your Latex file includes separate figure files (most likely) please build them into a standard archive such as .zip or .tar and then upload the archive using the above naming convention (example: boyce.286.tar).
  2. Anonymous ftp to wisp.physics.wisc.edu
  3. cd to ltd-9/manuscripts/ (Clicking here should get you to the right place.)
  4. You will not be able to see any files in this directory.
  5. Submit your file.
  6. If you wish to change your submission, just upload it again with exactly the same name. The new upload will replace the old file. You may do this through midnight, August 24th.
Thanks for your hard work and support of LTD9!
-- The LTD9 Local Organizing Committee

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